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It’s about arranging an event or party that really stands out from the rest, giving you and your guests a night to remember and talk about for years to come. Choosing a product or service from Sparkle Dance Floors will be the first step in creating the ultimate magical event.
Sparkle Dance Floors is a unique company that offers the best range and most affordable, versatile and spectacular dance floors in Ireland. We specialize in providing LED Lighted Dance Floors for event rental or permanent installation!
We pride ourselves on our reputation and can now class ourselves as one of the leading LED Dance Floor Hire Companies in Ireland.

“Give a magical look for that perfect wedding”

Sparkle Dance Floors use a special locking system which ensures that pieces don’t come loose during use. The floors are all able to withstand being jumped up and down on by even the largest of guests and bottles / glasses being dropped on them!
We have a range of sizes to suit each and every event. Due to the design, you can also create rectangle shaped floors which can be also used for catwalks for a fashion or a walkway for civil events or award shows. Because our Dance Floors uses LED’s they require a minimal amount of electricity and so are suitable for both outdoor marquees and traditional wedding venues.

A wide range of stunning LED Dance Floors are available to hire NOW!


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– The best possible pricing for your special event guaranteed!

– The comfort in working with a professional company that specializes in LED dance floors.

– Our professional staff and installers will be present for your event.

– The unparalleled quality of our luxury dance floors illuminating your special event.

Hiring a dance floor is becoming more and more popular as many people want something fresh, modern and a bit different to make their event stand out. LED dance floors can most certainly offer any event that.
The most popular floor currently is our LED starlit floor which we offer in black, white or a mix of both.

Take our word for it… they look absolutely amazing!


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